The Suzlon Control System (SCS) has been developed in close association with world leaders in the field, who have rich experience of setting up over 5000 wind turbines worldwide. Built from scratch, SCS has been designed to perform in tough environmental conditions. As such, it can withstand shock, vibration and temperatures ranging from arctic cold to hot and tropically humid.


  • It uses robust and industrial grade hardware and the latest software and development tools
  • It uses carefully chosen and harmonized hardware and software
  • It is easy to fine tune the control system to its highest performance at the lowest cost
  • It provides excellent safety and reliability, while generating optimal energy output
  • It consists of a high performance PLC, which is modular and provides high degree of customization
  • It consists of various modules for interfacing different types of signals
  • It is scalable in nature with standard interface options and a web-enabled communication Option