The nacelle consists of the following main parts:

Main frame and girder system that carry the drive train, as well as top cabinet and on-board hoist.

The drive train belonging components transmit and convert the rotor speed to the generator. The main shaft is supported by the main bearing on the rotor side.

A shrink disc connects the main shaft to the gearbox. Inside the gearbox the main shaft is supported by a cylindrical roller bearing.

The coupling transmits torque from the gearbox to the generator. It is integrated with a slipping device between the brake disc and the generator and protects the entire drive train against high torques. The rotor brake is used as a parking brake to stop rotor and drive train for service and maintenance purposes.

The nacelle is covered by the nacelle housing and connected to the tower via the yaw assembly. The nacelle housing protects the internal components against various ambient conditions. Two access hatches in the nacelle housing provide access to the measuring instruments on the nacelle roof and the rotor.

The Integration ensures also proper health & safety standards. By using on board cranes, repair and Exchange of components is possible without an external crane. The nacelle housing is made in sandwich construction to avoid a quick cool down and is equipped with several fan heaters. The temperature is controlled by temperature sensors.