S11x - 2.1 MW (under development)

  • Based on our successful S9x model- EIS 2014
  • Next generation rotor of 111m with increased yield for low wind speeds
  • High slip range for optimal yield in all wind regimes
  • High Tower 120m option
  • Up to 30% more yield compared to S9x versions

S9x - 2.1 MW

  • 3 stage gear box/ DFIG system
  • Versions with 97m (classIIB) and 95m (classIIA) with a high commonality with successful S88 platform
  • Innovative cost effective 120 hybrid lattice tower certified
  • Global product with fleets running in North & South America, India, Europe;
  • High & low temperature version for all climates
  • Very high demonstrated reliability in all markets

S86.5 - 1.5 MW

  • 3 stage gear box/ DFIG system
  • New version with 86m rotor, prototype running
  • India focused product but suitable for international markets


  • S88 - 2.1 MW - Global product (US, Brazil, India, China, Europe) –production phased out
  • S6x family – 1.25MW - Product sold in US, India, China - production phased out
  • S52– 0.6MW- Product sold in India only
  • S82-1.5 MW - Product mostly for China & India - production phased out