Suzlon’s multi-dimensional approach to value engineering and cost reduction provides better margins and a competitive advantage to its customers.

Suzlon turbines operate from Rajasthan in very hot conditions to Canada in subartic climates, and are compliant with current grid code Standards worldwide.

Technology is the key enabler for a company be a market leader. Suzlon’s sophisticated R&D capabilities in the wind energy space have led to the development of a comprehensive product portfolio, ranging from 600 kW to more than 2 MW wind turbines.

Wind turbine technology as such continues to be a dynamic field of research with the focus more on reliability, ease of operation and loads reduction which will enable weight and cost reductions of wind turbines. There is a strong focus on increasing the energy yield of wind turbines at a given rating by improving aerodynamics and applying larger rotors.

The Wind Electricity Generators (WEGs) are broadly divided into three parts:

  • Rotor - converts kinetic energy into electrical energy
  • Nacelle - contains the key components of the wind turbine
  • Tower - supports the Nacelle and Rotor

The Technology Group, with its global presence, derives its technological success from a close collaboration among the development teams in Denmark, Germany, India, and The Netherlands, and looks back to more than 20 years of experience of developing wind turbines.